Mac Clipboard History JumpCut

Mac Clipboard History JumpCut

Two Questions. Do you often use the clipboard? Do you need access to the clipboard history?

In other words, do you constantly need to copy and paste bits of information, rather saying, a line of code or a full paragraph, forgetting to save them to paste them later? If this is your case, you need a clipboard manager. A utility Application, to access your clipboard history.

There Are a few apps out there, capable to manage and help you with this. Some are free and simple, others with more features, but payable. In this video, the chosen was, Jump-cut. Is a open sourced Application, under the MIT License. Jump-cut, is an application that provides “clip-board buffering”.

That is, access text that you’ve cut, or copied, even if you’ve subsequently cut or copied something else. The goal of Jump-cut interface, is to provide quick, natural, intuitive access to your clipboard’s history.

To Download, go to, Jump-cut, dot source forge, dot net.

And download the last version. At the time of this video, the 0.63 version. Open to Unzip the file, install, and move it to the applications folder. Launch Jump-cut. And a scissors icon will appear in your menu bar.

Jump-cut, is designed to be simple whenever you cut or copy a text item, it’ll be added to the “stack” of clippings that Jump-cut has recorded. Clippings can be accessed in one of two ways:

Under the menu bar. Choose a clipping from the Jump-cut menu. Through a pop-up bezel. In any application, into which you want to paste an item from Jump-cut stack, press the hot-key, to activate Jump-cut bezel.

The default value for this hot-key, is Control-Option-V. You can change it, in Jump-cut preferences. A little window like the one you see when using the application switcher, will appear. While holding the modifier keys, for the default, hot-key. This is the Control-Option combo.

Then, use the arrow keys to scroll through the stack. When you’ve selected a clipping, Jump-cut, will put it on the pasteboard, and attempt to paste it into your application. It does this by mimicking, a user typing Command-V.

You find a few tweecks in preferences. Set it up, accordingly your preferences. Hoping this video went to meet your needs, and if so, leave a comment, give a like, and subscribe to get more of this. Thanks for watching.

Mac Clipboard History JumpCut

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Mac Clipboard History JumpCut

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