How to Do-It-Yourself Home Renovation

How to Do-It-Yourself Home Renovation. How did i renovate a brick/concrete house. Windows, doors, walls, drywall, laminate flooring and more.. How i managed to improve the interior and exterior of my old brick/concrete house. Replacing old wooden windows with double glass PVC windows, new interior doors, new Armored front door, new laminate floating floor, and so on.

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My house renovation. In this video I show you how I restored and renovated my brick/concrete house, demolishing some brick door jams and walls, and how to replace old wood window installing double-glass PVC window, and more!


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My House Renovation – How to DIY Home Improvement

In the last video, we finished replacing the windows, and now we continue to install new front Armored door and the rest of the home Interior renovation.

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In the last 2 videos, we completed the installation of drywall, windows and doors. Now, we continue with the installation of the floating laminate floor. This is not an instructional video tutorial, it’s just a demonstration!

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