Show Hidden Files Mac OS X Xmenu

Show Hidden Files Mac OS X Xmenu

Show hidden files on Mac, with this useful and quick way. But first, you need to watch this video, Add global menus With X-Menu, click to watch the video. Or, if you already watched, stay in this tutorial. Now back to this tutorial.

On my channel, you find this video “how to show hidden files on mac”. If you scroll down and go to the description, you will find a link to my website. Click on it. Go to the description of the video, and grab the script instruction.

This one where says, defaults write com apple finder… etcetera Select-it, and copy-it. Now open, applescript editor.

Type. Do, shell, script, and between double quotes, paste the instruction, the one you copied earlier, and then click Compile. Next go to file, and save as. Press the Alt key, give a name, like Show hidden files, and in File format, save As Application.

Now you can go to x-menu icon, top right corner, and click open folder in finder. This is just to see the full path, where next we should save the aliases, of the app that we just created. And now Save it to Applications folder. This was to Show the Hidden files. Now let’s create another to Hide this same files.

Instead of TRUE, Type False. And again, Compile and save to applications folder, with a different name, like Hide Files, and save as an Application file format. Now you can close Applescript editor. Go to applications folder, find the hide files application, double click on it, make an Alias, and drag it to the folder that we open earlier.

Now do the same thing to the Show Hidden files application. Meaning, an apple script instruction. Make the Alias, and drag it to the same folder. And it’s done. Now you have a quick and easy way, on how to show or hide the hidden files on Mac. Just go to X-menu icon, and there you find the aliases.

Just click to show hidden files. And the hidden files are shown. And the same to hide them again. I hope you enjoy this video, an if so, give us a like, comment and subscribe. Thanks for watching.

Show Hidden Files Mac OS X Xmenu

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Show Hidden Files Mac OS X Xmenu

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