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Lucky Mandalas

Lucky Mandalas are freehand original designs of Mandalas printed on a variety of products, such as Men’s and Women’s Clothing, Household Items and Accessories, to name a few. Find more about our T-Shirts, leggings, pillows, mugs, wall art, phone cases etc. Find out more on Lucky Mandala Teespring Store.

Mandala means circle or discoid object and represent different aspects of the universe. These sacred circles are normally arranged into sections organised around a central point and they can hold a symbolic and meditative meaning.

Externally mandalas can be a visual representation of the universe and internally they can guide in the meditation process.

Drawing mandalas can lead us to a very peaceful inner state and introspection releasing stress and anxiety. However, mandalas can also have a decorative purpose only. That’s what we are going to show here mostly.

Anyone can start drawing mandalas, even kids, and get amazing benefits from this ancient but simple form of art. So, let’s go and do it.

Lucky Mandalas Artwork Design