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Project Cars

Project Cars Playlist

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Project Cars PS4. Do you enjoy racing video games? If yes, you probably should have already heard about this awesome motorsport simulator racing video game.

Follow my progress in Practicing laps, Qualifying laps, Chanpionship Trophy, Solo career, Time Trial and online events.

Categories: GT3, LMP3, LMP2, LMP1, Formula B, Formula A and more.. Get focus, Concentrate, if not you loose!! 

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Everyone has different tastes when it comes to cars. Project CARS covers a wide variety of machines and motorsports.

Project CARS has the largest roster of race locations of any recent racing game with over 35 unique locations and over 110 different courses!

Advanced physics, an authentic career allowing you to recreate the path of your favourite racing heroes, dynamic time of day and weather, pit stops, social & community connectivity, intense online multiplayer and much more.

Project Cars PS4

MarcsGTi GEAR:

PS4 1TB Game Console
Logitech G29 Wheel
Playseat Gran Turismo Gaming seat
Panasonic Viera TX-P42G20 Full HD Plasma TV

GAMEPLAY – Authenticity settings
Steering assistance: No
Braking assistance: No
Driving assists allowed: Off
Anti-lock brakes: Sometimes
Stability control: No
Traction control: No
AI Opponent Skill: 90%/100%
Damage: Performance
Mechanical failures: Sometimes
Tire wear: Real
Fuel usage: Real
Auto start engine: Yes
Flags & penalties: On

Most of the next videos were uploaded from PS4 share network feature, Cockpit View (miscellaneous).