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Youtube Video Player Shortcuts Tutorial

Youtube Video Player Shortcuts. Do You want to use youtube as a professional? There are a number of keyboard shortcuts, that you can, and may use, in order to easily control the video you are watching. With these next shortcuts, you can use with videos on youtube, or in videos embedded on other websites.

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Youtube Video Player Shortcuts

  • Press K To Pause or play the video.
  • M to mute the audio.
  • F to full screen
  • escape key to exit from full screen!
  • J key to rewind 10 seconds, or the L key to forward 10 seconds.
  • Left arrow to go back 5 seconds.
  • Right arrow to skip 5 seconds.
  • Restart the video with the 0.
  • To jump directaly to some parts of the video, press from 1 to 9.

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Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts