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VPN Speed Testing Tool. Welcome to the Localized VPN Speed Testing Tool. VPNiFY.ME A free service that constantly monitors upload and download speeds offered by various VPN providers around the world. With this software you can find the fastest VPN providers at your location.

There are almost 500 VPN providers in the market, And every day new providers are popping up. Because it is very easy to make a VPN provider. You just have to rent the servers from hosting Providers and build a network, that’s it. The quality of your network depends on the investment on your servers. Many providers oversell their network to earn more money, some providers provide good/fast service instead of being greedy.

Before VPNiFY.me there were no ways to find who is the fastest at your location and who provides best VPN service. A team of MIT students has spent two years to build this software and now finally you can test a VPN service from a trusted VPN quality testing vendor.

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VPN Speed Testing Tool

Choose your Best VPN Plan. Order VPN and Protect your Online Privacy:

VPN Speed Testing Tool

Find your Best VPN Plan and Protect your Online Privacy.


HidemyAss VPN Main Features

Easy Connection.
Multi-protocol support.
Servers in over 190+ countries.
Load balancing will advise you which server has the least users connected, ensuring you connect to the least loaded server.
Customer support by internet, chat and phone.
Can be used on many devices at the same time, including mobile phones, tablets and games consoles.
30 day money back guarantee. Cancel online at any time.
Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Hidemyass VPN

Kick Ass 1 Month
Get the Full Package for one month.
9.99$ Pay for one Month.
Smart Ass 12 Months
Most Popular Plan.
4.99$ pay per Month.
Half Ass 6 Months
Hide Your Ass for Half Year
7.49$ Pay per Month.

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VPN Speed Testing Tool

 Cyberghost VPN Speed Testing Tool

CyberGhost VPN Main Features

Easy to Use, One click solution.
Detects dangerous websites and software that might harm your computer.
Save mobile data when browsing on your phone or when using it as a hotspot for other devices.
Automatically forces HTTPS secured connections whenever these are available.
Certified by ISO and the only one who edits a Transparency Report.
For Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
30 day money back guarantee.
For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.

CyberGhost Plans

Free $0/month.
5,83$ monthly BILLED ANNUALLY or 6.99 $ billed monthly
Premium Plus
916$ monthly BILLED ANNUALLY or 10.99 $ billed monthly

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Tunnelbear VPN Speed Testing Tool

TunnelBear VPN Main Features

Simple privacy Apps for Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, Google chrome, Opera.
20 plus countries now available and expanding the network.
Very easy to use, On/Off fatures.
An App designed to be so simple and functional.
One click and you’re connected.
AES 256-bit encryption by default.
Always On, Automatically connect and stay connected 24/7.
Connect 5 computers, tablets or phones and get 24 hour support.
Free 500mb of free data every month.

Tunelbear VPN Plans

Free $0/month 500mb per month.
$6.99/month Unlimited data, pay monthly.
$4.16/month $49.99 Unlimited data, pay yearly.

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PIA VPN Speed Testing Tool

Private Internet Access (PIA)

A VPN Service that encrypts your connection and provides you with an anonymous IP to protect your privacy.

★IP Cloaking, masks your real IP address with one of our anonymous IP addresses, effectively keeping websites and internet services from tracking your webbrowsing habits.

★Encryption, based on the cryptographically secure Blowfish CBC algorithm. This is used in conjunction with the OpenVPN protocol and is able to secure your data transmissions.

★Firewall, Integrating the advanced firewall and filtering capabilities of the NETFILTER PROJECT, you will never receive any unwanted connections to your computer or smart phone.

★Identity Protection, If your identity puts you at risk, anonymous browsing and posting anonymously on forums are of critical importance. Avoid becoming exposed.


★PPTP, ★OpenVPN, ★IPSEC/L2TP, ★SOCKS5 (Proxy)


$6.95 Pay per month.
$39.95/year (Only $3.33/month)
6 Months
$35.95/6 months (Only $5.99/month)

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VPN Speed Testing Tool

Purevpn VPN Speed Testing Tool


AES-256-bit ultra secure VPN connection.
Optimized servers to give you the best and the fastest streaming speed.
Self-managed and ultra-secure VPN network to connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot securely.
Dedicates IPs to help your business by encrypting you employee’s communications, & securing their digital access.
Compatible with 50+ Routers, Gaming Consoles, SmartTVs, OS & Devices.
For Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Pure VPN Plans

1 Month
Get the Full Package for 1 month.
9.95$ Pay for one Month.
1 Year
Get the Full Package for 12 month.
4.16$ pay per Month.
6 Months
Get the Full Package for 6 months.
7.49$ Pay per Month.

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ExpressVPN VPN Speed Testing Tool

ExpressVPN Main Features

Videos from anywhere. Watch the content you want from any country on earth, at blazing fast speeds.

Online privacy. Encrypt your Internet traffic and hide your IP address from hackers and spies.

Unblock websites. Access any website or app without censorship.

Easy-to-use VPN Apps. For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux
Setup is easy, whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our user-friendly apps let you secure your connection and unblock websites in one click. Just sign up, install, and connect.

Ultra secure and ultra Fast. Our network is SSL secured with 256-bit encryption, and we’re constantly optimizing our network to provide unlimited bandwidth and speed, so you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows in high definition. ExpressVPN runs seamlessly in the background so you can use the Internet without interruptions.

5-star customer support. Our world-class support team is at your service. We offer round-the-clock customer support by live chat and email. Get instant help from a knowledgeable support agent when you use our live chat feature.

100+ VPN locations… and counting!
You can choose from 100 cities in 78 countries. With unlimited speeds and unlimited server switches, you can connect from anywhere in the world.

30-day money-back guarantee. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our product and services. We also want you to be confident in your purchase, which is why we have a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN Plans

  • The full suite of ExpressVPN’s easy-to-use software for all your devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux).
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switches
  • Unlimited speed
  • 99.9% uptime
  • OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP protocols
  • Strong encryption
  • Zero logging of your browsing activity
  • Servers in more than 78 countries
  • Simultaneous connections on 1 computer and 1 handheld device
  • Round-the-clock customer support by chat or email
  • Awesome referral program & refer friends and get 30 days of free service for each signup!
    30-day money-back guarantee.

1 Month
$ 12.95 per month
12 Months
$ 8.32 per month
6 Months
$ 9.99 per month

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No logging. Many security services on the internet LOG even when they say they don’t. We are true to our word, we respect your right to privacy and our systems are designed around this.

Multiple Protocols. Need OpenVPN (Recommended), HTTP Proxies, SSH Tunnels or PPTP? We can provide the most appropriate VPN solution for your Internet privacy needs.

Bypass Internet Censorship. “Many Countries including United Kingom, France, Germany, East Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East/North Africa and many more employ internet censorship or filtering”.

Wifi Security. When you use free WiFi at cafes and airports, you become a target for eavesdroppers, wiretappers and other cyber criminals.

Download and upload… privately. Music, Videos, Pictures, Documents, emails. It’s important to keep your information secure.

No Logs Ever! We take your privacy very seriously. We do not store any logs of the websites you visit, we never will and never have. If required we will move jurisdictions and go above and beyond for you.

World Wide VPN Servers. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world we have a VPN server location close to you, with a presence in 46 countries and counting. We have you covered! Access all locations and switch servers any time you like!

Monthly plans! Based on our most Popular OpenVPN Software.

★ Mobile VPN, IOS & Android
★ Access All Servers
★ OpenVPN
★ Anonymous Access
★ HTTP Proxy
★ 46 Countries
★ Smarter DNS
★ No Logging!

1 Month VPN $9.95 per month
6 Month VPN $8.30 per month
12 Month VPN $7.50 PER month

Need a Dedicated IP? Just want PPTP or Proxy?
★ Access All Servers
★ Anonymous Access
★ 46 Countries
★ No Logging!

PPTP 1 Month $7.95 per month
HTTP Proxy 1 Month $4.95 per month

VPN Speed Testing Tool

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VPN Speed Testing Tool