Top Best Gaming PC Desktop Towers 2016

Top Best Gaming PC Desktop Towers 2016

Best Gaming PC Desktop Towers. Top 7 of the best Gaming Towers money can buy from 2016.

Overclockers Asteroid, LAN-friendly PC with a tasty design.. One of the best designed gaming PC’s. With bespoke water cooling. Great color scheme, and attention 2 detail. Great design with top-notch performance in games and applications.

Lenovo Ideacentre Y900, a gaming desktop for PC enthusiasts. This is an accessible and easy to upgrade pre built system. Less internal design to help soften the cable management, but plenty of room for expansions and upgrades.

Alienware Aurora R5, Alienware’s as a mini powerhouse. The Alienware, Aurora R5, combines design elements from the traditional Dell’s luxury gaming brand. The Nigh mini ITX computer. Boasts his overclockable processor. A K-series Intel Core i7. A GeForce GTX 10 80p, and a massively capable 850 Watts power supply.

Top Best Gaming PC Desktop Towers 2016

Origin Millennium, Two times 1080 equals 4K at 60fps. Do you want to play games in 4K at 60 frames per second? With A couple of the Geforce GTX 10 80p Edition from EVGA. The Intel Broadwell E Core i7 69 50 X processor. There is nothing the Origin Millennium can’t handle with the best of the best displays.

StormForce Tornado, ultra HD that won’t make your wallet cry. Interested in Ultra HD gaming without spending a fortune? The StormForce Tornado with the N-vidia GeForce GTX 10 70. With the appearance of a spaceship, and limitless internal storage potential.

Scan 3XS Vengeance, a very speedy PC to demanding gaming. Boasting an overclocked Skylake processor for the fastest possible gaming performance, and a powerful GeForce GTX 980 graphics card. This setup will do for any game up to 1440p resolution, in maximum detail.

Overclockers Titan Virtual Force, virtual reality made easy. On contrarie like many pre built gaming desktops. The Titan Virtual Force is not a fashion designed. Is a simple and subtle gaming pc. One of the most capable pre-built computers money can buy.

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