Top 5 Apple iPhone 7 Headphones

In this video is 5 of the best Headphones with lightning connector. Apple iPhone 7 Headphones – Top 5 Earphones for iPhone 7.

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Top 5 Apple iPhone 7 Headphones

Without the 3.5mm audio jack, there are many stakeholders considering buying headphones with Lightning connector. Fortunately, there are several models with this lightning connector, and there are already candidates to take into account for you to not pass without music on your next iPhone 7.

It should also be noted, despite the Lightning entry is the only available on the iPhone 7, Apple will include in the box an adapter for old headphones.

So these are some of the best headphones with this type of lightning connector for you to use in your new iPhone 7.

If you don’t rely on wireless headphones autonomy (AirPods), you should start thinking about purchasing a pair with lightning connector.

Philips Fidelio M2L
Q Adapt In-Ear Headphones
Audeze SINE On-Ear Headphones
Harman’s JBL Reflect Aware headphones

Top 5 Apple iPhone 7 Headphones

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