Top 30 Mac OS X Tips and Tricks  (MacOS)

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How to use Mac OS X operating system. Mac OS X Tips, features, shortcuts for a better performance when working with a mac computer.The Top 30 tips that any mac user should know.

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Transcript: Mac 0:28 First, the most important key’s.

0:31 Command button

0:33 Option key

0:35 Shift

0:37 Control

0:39 Escape key

0:41 Space key

0:43 Backspace or delete

0:45 eject key

0:50 Open new window on Finder, press, command-n

0:58 Choose on which folder, finder always shows when launched

1:20 Shortcut, Create a new folder to desktop, press, command-shift-n

1:32 Delete

1:40 Hide finder, press, command-W

1:44 Undo, command-z

1:48 Delete trash without asking permission, press, command-shift-option-backspace

1:58 Maximise a window

2:16 Swipe down with four fingers, and choose the desired window

2:27 Select All, press, command-a

2:34 Define where finder should search

Top 30 Mac OS X Tips Tricks

3:09 Modify on the fly, a file to open always with the same application

3:24 Create a new folder with two or more files selected

3:42 Quick look, on full screen, press spacebar, and now with option key

4:00 Press command-option-N, New smart folder

4:16 Adding items to the finder toolbar

4:33 Remove items from finder toolbar

4:52 Spotlight, press, command-spacebar

5:09 Dock, hide, and unhide, press, command-option-D

5:17 Resizing the Dock

5:22 Resizing proportional, press also the option key

5:31 Blank screen in a hurry, press, control-shift and eject

5:38 Force quit applications?, press, command-option-escape

5:53 Put to sleep, press, command-option-eject

5:58 Restart, press, command-control-eject

6:04 ShutDown, press, command-option-control-eject

6:08 Refresh Safari, press, command-R

6:16 Go to, address or search bar, press, command-L

6:36 Open window on a new Tap, press, command-T

6:43 Navigate between tabs, press, control-tab

6:58 Text to speech?

7:33 Screenshot’s, press command-shift-4

7:42 Command-shift-3, take a screenshot of entire desktop

7:47 Add more desktop spaces

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Top 30 Mac OS X Tips and Tricks