Top 20 Best Smartphones 2017 APRIL

Top 20 Best Smartphones 2017 APRIL. Whether it’s Android, or iOS, we all know how difficult it is to keep track of the number of mobile phones that appear every year. To make your life easier by choosing one of the best phones of the moment, these are the Top 20 Smartphones in April of 2017.

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Top 20 Best Smartphones 2017 APRIL

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. It’s Powerful, the Best Display, and a slick new User Interface. specs
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus


iPhone 7 Plus. Two cameras that shoots as one. Wide-angle and telephoto cameras.
iPhone 7 Plus


LG G6. A Metal and glass shimmer, with a huge 18 to 9 display.


Google Pixel XL. The pure Android goodness.
Google Pixel XL


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The second Best phone Samsung’s ever released.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Xiaomi Mi Mix. A fancy phone. Edge-less screen in a full ceramic body.
Xiaomi Mi Mix


Huawei P10 Plus. Gorgeous, Powerful, and dual camera that are better over the P9.
Huawei P10 Plus


Huawei Mate 9. With large battery, a dual-camera, and a sleek gorgeous design.
Huawei Mate 9


OnePlus 3T. Run the most demanding Applications and games, with enhanced performance.
OnePlus 3T


Xiaomi Mi 5s. A stunning HD display, a Sonny camera and Great Battery.
Xiaomi Mi 5s


Huawei Honor 8 Pro. Metal-body design, plenty of power and battery life.
Huawei Honor 8 Pro


HTC 10. Unparalleled performance. Superb 24-bit Hi-Resolution sound.
HTC 10


Xiaomi Mi Note 2. A gorgeous big-screen, a great camera and plenty of storage.
Xiaomi Mi Note 2


iPhone 6S Plus. it’s got everything that made the iPhone 6 Plus a bestseller.


Huawei Honor 8. A dual-camera, a sleek and stylish design and a beautiful display.


Huawei P9 Plus. Looks and feels expensive with a very solid battery.


LG V20. The most feature-packed smartphone of 2016.


Moto Z Play. One of the Best budget phones, a great mix of decent specs and low price.
moto z play


LG G5. With Removable Battery. Great Specs and awesome Modular Design.
lg g5


Lenovo P2. Premium design, and Probably the best phone in battery life.
lenovo p2

Top 20 Best Smartphones 2017 APRIL

Top 20 Best Smartphones 2017 APRIL