Top 10 Best TVs 2017 Ultra HD 4K TV, HDR, 1080p Screen’s. If you’re looking to buy the best TV technology this year, look no further, because these are the Top 10 Best TVs to buy in 2017.

Top 10 Best TVs 2017 Ultra HD 4K TV, HDR, 1080p Screen’s

Samsung Q9F QLED Best TVs 2017Samsung Q9F QLED Buy it from Amazon US | Amazon UK

These spectacularly brilliant TVs do a sensational job of revealing the majesty of the latest HDR content.


LG OLED E7 seriesLG OLED E7 series US | UK

The OLED E7 series, with an incredibly slim ‘picture on glass’ design, a technique that creates some of the most incredibly and gorgeous TVs.


<strong>Panasonic DX800</strong>Panasonic DX800 US | UK

Despite being aggressively priced, the DX802 TVs combine stunning design with great picture and sound quality.


Samsung UE KS7000 Best TVs 2017
Samsung UE KS7000 US
| UK

The Samsung KS7000 series combines great value with ultra-bright HDR pictures and a slick smart TV system. Great all round picture quality and competitive prices.

Sony KDL-55W805C
Sony KDL-55W805C US
| UK

This outstanding full HD range of TVs proves that you don’t have to have a 4K resolution to deliver gorgeous picture quality. If you don’t need a Ultra HD TV, then this is a great range of TVs to consider.

Panasonic TX-DX902 Best TVs 2017Panasonic TX-DX902 UK

This is a stunning TV that will take your breath away, a Friendly smart TV system. Is Bright with rich contrast pictures and effective local dimming.



If you like O L E D technology, but can’t afford LG’s OLED E6 series, this is the TV you should buy. With a Gorgeous picture quality, a Spectacularly thin design and the LG’s webOS smart system.


Sony KD-75XD9405Sony KD-75XD9405 US | UK

If your tastes are more home cinema than mere TV, this spectacular 75-inch Sony TV is hard to resist. If you’ve got plenty of space in your living room and want to watch movies on a giant TV, Choose this Sony 75 inch screen TV. A home cinema in you living room.

Samsung K5600 Best TVs 2017Samsung K5600 Series Series UK

Best Samsung’s HD TVs for 20 17, combines high-contrast with colourful pictures, with aggressive prices and a crisp design. Good value for the money with a strong HD picture and Attractive design.


Panasonic TX-40DX600 Best TVs 2017Panasonic TX-40DX600 UK

If you don’t have much space or money to spend, and are looking for a fancy 4k TV, choose the Panasonic TX – 40DX600. A cheap 4K TV with good picture quality and a customisable smart TV.


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