Top 10 Best Smartphones 2018 JAN

Top 10 Best Smartphones 2018 JAN! Looking to buy a top Smartphone? The latest flagship handset? If you’re looking for a new phone, this are the TOP 10 best Smartphones available now on the market.

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Top 10 Best Smartphones 2018 JAN

This list was made from a survey around the global sphere of the web, sites of reviews and opinions on this subject, the latest handsets, mobile phones with the latest technology and features.

Classification was defined mainly thinking on the quality and value of the device versus the price at the moment in the market.

Choose yours, and one way or another, nowadays I think, you will be very satisfied.

➤ Top Phones 2018 JAN
1-Samsung Galaxy S8+
galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8, Plus. One of the best Android phones that Samsung has made. Smooth software and fast performance with a premium camera. Now with a new price is a fantastic curved screen Phone to enter in 2018.




2-iPhone X
iPhone x

iPhone ten. Good looking Phones comes at a price, even if you take a little while to get used to the missing home button. With a new intuitive user interface, a stunning OLED screen and an effective portrait lighting feature. IPhone ten is the best iPhone from Apple that you have been waiting.


3-Google Pixel 2 XL
pixel 2

Best Android Phone. Google Pixel 2 XL. Top-of-the-line specs with Android Oreo. VR-capable phones with fast processors. Smart Artificial Intelligence software, and a superb camera, all sandwiched in a waterproof design.



4-Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung galaxy note 8

The best big phone you can buy is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, With 6.3-inch ‘Infinity Display, 6Gigs of RAM for performance, and two best-in-class rear cameras. Just don’t expect long battery life from its predictably average-sized battery.



5-Oneplus 5T
oneplus 5t

OnePlus 5T. The best value smartphone you can buy right now. A Similar design to the OnePlus 5 but with a larger screen, an all-screen design with facial recognition and a finger print sensor on the back, the latest chipset, 8 Gigs of RAM and great camera improvements.




6-HTC U11+
htc u11+

HTC U11 plus, the bigger version of the U11, is cheaper than is rivals with top-notch specs, including 6Gigs of RAM and 128GB storage as standard. The U11 plus is the best phone for music lovers.



7-LG V30

The LG V30 is the LG’s true flagship phone to start in 20 18. Bursting with features in a Streamlined design, Interesting camera improvements and a Gorgeous OLED display. But could be quite expensive compared with is rivals.


8-Huawey Mate 10 Pro
mate 10 pro

All you need for success is within the Wa_wei Mate 10 pro. With a big screen and very small bezels, a big battery, and a dedicated A I chip. The Huawei Mate 10 pro is a phone that is built to last. Good camera, powerful processor and excellent battery life.



9-iPhone 8

iPhone 8. The best small Phone right now. This is the phone you want if you can’t afford the iPhone Ten, It’s got the larger battery, same powerful and a strong camera. It’s the best option If you can pass without an OLED screen.

10-Moto Z2 Play
moto z2 play

Moto Z2 Play. Great all-day battery life, Bright display, clever software and magnetic Mod add-on’s, The Motorola Z2 Play gives you high-end features from a mid-range phone right now.




Top 10 Best Smartphones 2018 JAN

Top 10 Best Smartphones 2018 JAN