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Top 10 Best Smartphones 2017

Top 10 Smartphones 2017 April. Are you thinking to buy a new smartphone? A top high end cell phone? Whether it’s Android or iOS. These are 10 of the best smartphones available now on the market.

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Top 10 Best Smartphones 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.
Samsung Galaxy S8 PlusSamsung’s supersized smartphone to feed your big screen hunger. Slick software and speedy performance, a Top notch camera, but very expensive and a flawed fingerprint sensor position.


Samsung Galaxy S8.
Samsung Galaxy S8 The best smartphone in the world. With a bezel less Infinity display. An Excellent camera. The screen quality is the best that you can find. And he smashes all benchmarking tests out there. But Bixby is just bloat ware, and biometrics can also be a bit irritating for some.


iPhone 7.
iPhone 7 Still one of the world’s best smarpthones. Good low light camera and water resistance improvements. Acceptable battery life, but unimpressive and lacking in clear upgrades.


iPhone 7 Plus.
iPhone 7 plus The best iPhone available right now. Two cameras that shoots as one. Wide-angle and telephoto cameras. It’s powerful in a slick performance, but also very expensive and there’s no headphone jack.


LG G6.
lg g6 A Metal and glass shimmer, with a huge 18 to 9 display. This is simply a solid and well built smartphone. LG G6 Focuses on key areas that users are most care about.


Google Pixel.
google pixel Smooth performance, Bright, colorful full HD display and a comfortable one-handed phone, but battery could be a little bit better.


Top 10 Best Smartphones 2017

Google Pixel XL.
Google Pixel XL The pure Android goodness. One of the best phones in terms of speed. User interface, and camera. But it has no stereo speakers, and the design can be questionable.


Huawei P10 Plus.
Huawei P10 Plus Gorgeous and powerful. Dual Leica cameras, Beautiful and bright QHD screen with Ninety billion color options. Unfortunately not available on physical stores in the United States.


OnePlus 3T.
OnePlus 3T A top smartphone on a budget. Run the most demanding Applications and games, with enhanced performance. Premium design and a long battery, but there’s no micro SD card, and the camera could be better.


Sony Xperia XZ Premium.
Sony Xperia XZ Premium The best Phone Sony has ever made. Impressive camera improvements, premium look and feel, but without a headline feature and only a Full HD screen.


HTC 10.
etc 10 One of the best music phones, with excellent high-resolution 24 bit sound and great design. But the camera is not so that impressive.


Motorola Moto Z.
Motorola Moto Z The world’s thinnest premium smartphone. A slender Smartphone with creative modular accessories and Fingerprint sensor. But there’s no_headphone jack. A big camera bump, and a small battery.


Lenovo P2.
Lenovo P2 With premium design Lenovo P2 has a Gorgeous display for the money, and probably is the best phone in battery life. But it’s heavy, and also a bit large with a limited camera. If you’re looking for a high-spec budget phone, this is the one.

Top 10 Best Smartphones 2017

Top 10 Best Smartphones 2017