Top 10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts (MacOS)

Top 10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts that you really need to memorize right now, whether you‚Äôre a Mac newbie or a expert Mac user who still uses the mouse for everything out of habit. Crucial keyboard shortcuts to make your Apple Mac computer easier and much more efficient. Watch: Latest Posts¬† ¬† Subscribe:¬†Newsletter Top … Read more Top 10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts (MacOS)

11 Terminal Commands Mac OS

11 Terminal Commands Mac OS, (MacOS Tips and Tricks). Get more of your Mac computer. In this video you can learn some important terminal commands which can be very useful for the seasoned and beginner Mac users, get the most out of the MacOS. Watch: Latest Posts¬† ¬† Subscribe:¬†Newsletter Terminal commands among shortcuts that every … Read more 11 Terminal Commands Mac OS

Top 30 Mac OS X Tips and Tricks Ô£Ņ (MacOS)

How to use Mac OS X operating system. Mac OS X Tips, features, shortcuts for a better performance when working with a mac computer.The Top 30 tips that any mac user should know.

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Transcript: Mac 0:28 First, the most important key’s.

0:31 Command button

0:33 Option key

0:35 Shift

0:37 Control

0:39 Escape key

0:41 Space key

0:43 Backspace or delete

0:45 eject key

0:50 Open new window on Finder, press, command-n

0:58 Choose on which folder, finder always shows when launched

1:20 Shortcut, Create a new folder to desktop, press, command-shift-n

1:32 Delete

1:40 Hide finder, press, command-W

1:44 Undo, command-z

1:48 Delete trash without asking permission, press, command-shift-option-backspace

1:58 Maximise a window

2:16 Swipe down with four fingers, and choose the desired window

2:27 Select All, press, command-a

2:34 Define where finder should search

Top 30 Mac OS X Tips Tricks

3:09 Modify on the fly, a file to open always with the same application

3:24 Create a new folder with two or more files selected

3:42 Quick look, on full screen, press spacebar, and now with option key

4:00 Press command-option-N, New smart folder

4:16 Adding items to the finder toolbar

4:33 Remove items from finder toolbar

4:52 Spotlight, press, command-spacebar

5:09 Dock, hide, and unhide, press, command-option-D

5:17 Resizing the Dock

5:22 Resizing proportional, press also the option key

5:31 Blank screen in a hurry, press, control-shift and eject

5:38 Force quit applications?, press, command-option-escape

5:53 Put to sleep, press, command-option-eject

5:58 Restart, press, command-control-eject

6:04 ShutDown, press, command-option-control-eject

6:08 Refresh Safari, press, command-R

6:16 Go to, address or search bar, press, command-L

6:36 Open window on a new Tap, press, command-T

6:43 Navigate between tabs, press, control-tab

6:58 Text to speech?

7:33 Screenshot’s, press command-shift-4

7:42 Command-shift-3, take a screenshot of entire desktop

7:47 Add more desktop spaces

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Top 30 Mac OS X Tips and Tricks

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