How to Delete Duplicate Files on Mac OS Gemini 2

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How to Delete Duplicate Files on MacOS Gemini 2. the duplicate finder App, With Gemini 2 your can find, detect duplicate files in your Mac computer and delete them.

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Delete Duplicate Files on Mac

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macPaw Gemini 2. The duplicate Finder. If you want to find and remove duplicate files from your Mac, like photos, documents and other file types, Gemini 2 is a handy Application to have in your arsenal.

Go to, download and install Gemini 2. You can try the free demo. As Soon you open the program, go to Gemini preferences, and configure as you like.

Enable or disable features of your preferences. To scan duplicate files, is simple as adding a directory, a folder, or the local partition of your drive. Then click on the scan button. If gemini finds any duplicate file, will present the show result button. Here we can see the files divided by kind. From all files found, to other kind of data. Sort from 6 types of filters, from size to the path of the file.

To remove duplicate files. Select a kind of file, or, on all files, and click on auto select button. If auto select rules cannot be applied, choose a kind of file, and select by is date created. Newest, Oldest, or Any. Then click to remove files. Then, you can cancel, putting all back, or click on the remove button. Let’s do it again.
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Delete Duplicate Files on Mac