Pushbullet Send Data Files Between Devices

Pushbullet Send Data Files Between Devices. How to transfer files between devices. Push links from devices. Send computer files to and from PC, Mac Computers, Android smartphones and iPhones.

Pushbullet Sends data files between desktop Computers and Mobile Devices. Transfer Potos, links, Documents, Pictures, back and forward between Desktop, Laptops, computers and mobile devices.

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Pushbullet Move Data Between Devices

Send files from a computer to a Tablet, or other device. If you have a document in your mobile phone, a tablet or ipad, and want to send it to a computer, or vice versa, you can do-it by email. From a cloud system, like dropbox, google drive among others, or even from a memory card.

But there is a much easier and better way. Called, Push bullet, and transfers files instantly using the web-browser. Push bullet, allows you to send almost everything. Files, documents, images and videos, from an Android device, to another device, or computer. It’s faster than sending by email, uploading to the cloud, or other method. You just need your tablet or smartphone connected to the internet.

How does Push Bullet works?

You have 3 options. You can access with an Application, a web-browser extension, or simple by going to the Push Bullet website. This last option, can be more advisable. If you’re using a device that shares with another person, or the memory of your phone is already full.

After you access Pushbullet website, you just need to sign-in. Or, use your Google Account. After registration, you are forwarded to the file upload page.

Pushbullet Send Data Between Devices

Here you must fill the fields to, title and message, with an email address, the subject, and description of the message itself. or you can start adding email addresses in the contacts page.

By Adding friends on contacts, populates automatically the field to, in the file upload page. So when you jump to the page of everything, and enter the name of your friend, it becomes more efficient to select the receiver.

Then, type a title, and a message describing what kind of content you’re sending. Then you just need to add a link. A file, a list of items, or an address. by choosing a file, you just browse for it, or use the drag and drop function.

Will automatically load the file, and when finished, click on the push it button. When the Push is successful, go to the computer or the other device, open your email, and verify if you receive a message with the name of the receiver.

Something like, John as pushed you a file. Just click in the Link. And the file will be transferred automatically and opens. To get push bullet Application In to your Device, go to Push bullet website, devices, click on the plus sign, and download for your system. Or, Download and install from the available online market stores.


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Pushbullet Move Data Between Devices