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How to Print Screen on Mac OS (Screenshot)

How to Print Screen on Mac OS. Taking e a screenshot on Mac it’s easy, well, to screen capture on a mac computer you press Command+shift+3… but there is a few more keyboard shortcuts to know.

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Sometimes you need to take a screen print on your mac! Take a Screenshot of the full screen or screens if multiple monitors. You can specify an area to take a screenshot. Take a print screen and save it to desktop or elsewhere.

The most commons ways on how to take a screenshot on mac are:

Entire screenshot and save an image file on desktop:

Entire screenshot to copy to the clipboard:

Choose an area and save an image file on desktop:

Choose an area and copy to the clipboard to paste:

Choose a window to capture and save an image file on desktop:
Command-shift-4 (let go) space

Print Screen on Mac OS (Screenshot, ScreenCapture)

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Print Screen on Mac