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Print Bank Checks Microsoft Excel

Do you need to Print Bank checks? If yes, this Print Bank Checks Microsoft Excel program is for you! How to Print Bank Cheques with Microsoft Excel.

This is an example on how this useful application (Microsoft Excel) can help you in the labor of printing bank checks.

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Print Bank Checks Microsoft Excel

Print Bank Checks in Microsoft Excel, is a program  that i build with the primary objective to print any bank check, on any printer available on the market, since it’s a Microsoft Excel program. Created to transpose the value of the full-text check, fill in all the required fields of the bank checks, also printing the receipt sheet.

Any Printer

You can use any of your available printer to print cheques. Laserjet, Deskjet, Inkjet, All in One and even Dotmatrix printers. No cumbersome settings and printer handling, you just need to adjust the column and row (simple because, there are no equal stander bank check layout) in Print-Bank-Cheques.xml file to equilibrate with your printer brand.

Easy to Learn

Just 5 Minutes to learn and start using it. Is developed in Microsoft Office, so is easy even for novoice computer users. This great Excel file enhances the work of any office job.

Submit Data

Start by typing the amount, the city or state if required, the cheque Date (type first the year, month, and day).

Next type the name of the bank where cheques are from, and type the Account code number from where the cheque should be Transfer/deposited.

So when you type the account number, returns the Payee account Name.

In the Accounts sheet, is where you find the sheet list of Clients and Providers. The first column is the Account Number, and the second column is the Account Name.

Next on the Memo field you type important information if required, and it’s done.

You can verify the fields where the cheque going to be printed (layout of the cheque receipt). Gives you two pages, the first page is the bank check it self, and the second is the receipt (duplicate).

First put the bank cheque on the printer, and after the bank cheque comes out, the check receipt sheet’s are printed (load your printer if is out of paper).

Adjust the columns and rows in the print-cheques-excel.xml to be equilibrated with the printer. Bank cheques differ from each other, that’s the reason to adjust the columns and rows in Excel.

If you use more than one kind of check layout, it’s always possible to create/duplicate a new file or sheet tab to different check layouts (always of course the Account code number must be synchronized with the Accounts Sheet).

If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send us a message.

Print Bank Checks Microsoft Excel

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Print Bank Checks in Microsoft Excel


Print Bank Checks Microsoft Excel ls channel