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MirrorOp Screen Mirroring Share Device Screen

MirrorOp Screen Mirroring. Share your Device Screen on Large Screen. Mirror the screen of your PC, Mac, or mobile device on large screen available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows 10. Use your Smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet and share your data files remotely and in realtime. Mirror your phone screen on TV.

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MirrorOp Screen Mirroring

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A Professional Enabled and Centrall Display. MirrorOP. Is a Completely flexible, universally compatible, with any application.

With MirrorOp sender. You can easily share pictures, movies, games or presentations onto your TV or projector.

MirrorOp Presenter, adds more flexibility for presenters and teachers, including build-in browser for showing web pages. Live camera, to share non-digitized contents like printed materials, or even 3D objects. For more info, Go to MirrorOup dot com, and you get all information needed.

Let’s try this with a Samsung galaxy phone. Navigate to Product in the menu bar, and choose a sender software. The device who going to send content, and download a trial version. If you are using an iOS or Android, you can download from their own apps store. Next, you need the receiver software. Is the device who going to receive the content.

Download the receiver to your machine.

Then, install, and open the receiver. This means, only when the receiver is active, you can connect the sender to it. Now go to your mobile device, and launch the sender software. If the sender does not find a connection, you must connect manually.

In the App preferences, choose connect manually, and enter the IP address and the login name, of the device from which the receiver is installed. And you should start receiving data from your mobile device on your display. Now on the sender, just touch on the play button, and the game is on.

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MirrorOp Screen Mirroring