MacBook Pro 2016 vs 2010 MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro 2016 vs 2010.This is a comparison between two Mac notebook computers from two different eras (second generation versus fourth generation) MacBook Pro 2016 vs 2010 MacBook Pro, although, leaving behind the 2012 and 2015 models, i may say that In 7 years of computer technology (Apple) this notebooks evolved tremendesly.

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MacBook Pro 2016 vs 2010

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Without talking about design, weight and size, the differences here are quite significant. In terms of connectivity and storage it was a step forward, from Hard Drive to PCI-e Flash storage, no DVD drive, from USB 2 and Fire-Wire 800 ports to Thunderbolt 3, from a more vibrant Retina Display, more colourful and redefined display (better for the eyes i may say), to a more accurate trackpad, and “key traveling” keyboard.

In terms of reliability, the 2010 MacBook pro give me two. I had to buy another 85W power supply and the replacement of the internal hard drive cable.

With the mid 2010 MacBook Pro I was able to produce over 200 youtube videos with Full HD resolution. Some of these videos are still available on this site for those interested to watch them.

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MacBook Pro 2016 vs 2010