Install all Add-ons available for Kodi (xbmc) systems. Kodi Total Installer ( and his repository, Total Installer, is a source where we can install all add-on sources, that are so popular to the kodi community. (Super Repo, Navi-x, XunityTalk xfinity, Mash Up, Istream, Fusion for Genesis, and much more.

How to install every add-on available for XBMC and Kodi Systems. with his repository, Total installer, is a source where we can install all add-on sources, that are so popular to the kodi community, Super repo, Navi-x, Ex_unity talk, Mashup, Istream, Genesis, and much more.

It is definitely one of the best sources. With this Total XBMC dot tv, You got almost everything for your kodi system. Well structured, giving you the chance to install addons for your own country, or language. Now with the setup. This guide uses Kodi 14.0 Helix Beta 1. To update Kodi, go to the description of this video where you find links to download Kodi for your system.

Go to system, file manager, add-source, enter this address click done, and enter a name for this source. TotalXBMC.TV. Hit done, and then ok. Now escape to system, settings. Add-ons. Install from zip file. Total xbmc folder.

And install total installer repository zip file. Now Escape to the home page, and enter on programs to get more. Browse for Total Installer, and enter to install TotalXBMC.TV. After install, go back one page. And enter on Total Installer. And you got your categories. Genres. Countries, where you can get your prefered add-ons, for your xbmc and kodi system. Select a country, and gives you the most common, and available add-on for that country.

On Repositories. Means exactly that. All repo sources available for your XBMC and Kodi system. Or look for something in categories, or Genres. I’m sure you’ll find something to your taste. And after you install something you like, go to video add ons, and enjoy. And on gaming, You can grab one of the most classical games of all times.

And this was the greatest,

Kodi Total Installer TotalXBMC.TV

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Kodi Total Installer TotalXBMC.TV