Kodi Live TV Setup PVR IPTV

KODI Live TV Setup PVR IPTV. How to Set Up and Watch Live TV on Kodi Media Center. Enable and configure a PVR, Personal Video Recorder, with an IPTV, Internet Protocol Television, with XBMCBBTS URL and watch more than 1000 channels.

Now with the set up. Go to System, Settings, and Live TV. Now, Enable it and click ok, to setup a PVR. Now choose PVR, IPTV Simple Client, enable it, and next click to configure. Now in General tab, leave the location to the remote Path, and in M3U Playlist URL, enter to address this URL.

You can copy this address from the description of this video. Click done, and leave the cache m3u at local storage, disabled. Now on Channel Logo’s, leave the location to the remote path again, and type this address. This will download each logo to the specific channel. You can jump this step, but acts to better viewer experience. Now click ok, and escape to the home screen, to restart kodi.

Exit from kodi, and open kodi again.

When you launch Kodi again, you should be able to see the PVR and EPG loading the channels from clients. This could take some moments, depends from the network. Then, go to TV, channels, and it should appear more or less than 1000 channels.

This list is updated every day, some channels work some don’t but certainly you will get a lot to choose from. And this is how to setup and watch live TV from a PVR IPTV simple client on Kodi entertainment center.

This guide uses Kodi 14.0 Helix Beta 1. To update your system follow this link: http://kodi.tv/download/

Kodi Live TV Setup PVR IPTV

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Kodi Live TV Setup PVR IPTV