Kodi Clear Cache Xunity Maintenance. Install XUnity Talk Maintenance tool kit. A maintenance tool for your Kodi system. Clear the cache, delete packages, remove add-ons, repos, among other options available with this awesome add-on.

First we need to install Xunity Talk. Go to system, file manager. Add source. Type this address. http://Xfinity.XunityTalk.com. Hit done, and enter a name for this source. Xfinity.

Hit ok, and go back to system, settings. Add-on’s. Install from zip file. Xfinity folder, and install XunityTalk repository. Now, on Get add-on’s, Xunity Talk repository, and on program add-on’s, Enter to install Xunity Maintenance.

And now on system, settings, add-on’s, now on enabled add-on’s, and on video or program add-on’s, enter on Xunity Maintenance, and for instance, clear the cache on your kodi device.

You can also access Xunity Maintenance tool from programs, or video add-on’s. And this is how you get a maintenance tool for your kodi system.

If you want to Create a shortcut of this add-on in Kodi home page, follow this next video on how to create shortcuts in kodi.

Kodi Clear Cache Xunity Maintenance

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Kodi Clear Cache Xunity Maintenance