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Install OS X Mavericks: Clean Install Mac OS X (USB Flash Boot Drive)

Clean Install Mac OS X Mavericks Clean Install Mac OS X (USB Flash Boot Disk Drive). How to create USB Flash Drive? A Clean install doesn’t mean erase all your data. All apps and files will stay in same place as before!.

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Install OS X Mavericks: Clean Install Boot Drive

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Assuming that you have the OS X Mavericks installer in your Applications folder, and Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)-formatted volume named “osxmaverick” mounted in your Mac, you can now start creating a Mavericks installation boot drive by typing the following command into the Terminal.

  • Copy and paste this code in terminal: sudo /Applications/Install OS X --volume /Volumes/osxmaverick --applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X --nointeraction

The command will erase the disk and copy the install files over. Give it some time, and your volume will soon be loaded up with not just the OS X installer, but also an external recovery partition that may come in handy if your hard drive dies and you’re away from an Internet connection.

Whichever method you use, you should be able to boot from your new USB drive either by changing the default Startup Disk in System Preferences or by holding down the Option key at boot and selecting the drive. Once booted, you’ll be able to install or upgrade Mavericks as you normally would.

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Install OS X Mavericks

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