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Install Mac OS X El Capitan Create Bootable Flash Drive

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan, create a Boot USB Flash Drive. Installing MacOS X from a bootable Pen Drive and Maintain all your Data.

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How to Install OS X El Capitan Bootable USB Flash Drive

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First Download Mac OS X,  go to click on Mac tab, and enter on OS X El Capitan. Now click on upgrade now, the App Store application should open, if not, click to view and download from the Mac App Store.

After download OS X from Apple, prepare USB flash drive with eight or more gigs.

Open Disk Utility, select the USB Flash drive, and click on the erase tab. On format type, select OS X journaled and give it a name OS X_Elcapitan.

Click to erase and wait until finished preparing the bootable drive. Next, when you’re done to erasing the pen drive, close Disk Utility and open terminal.

Now to create a bootable drive, go to the description of this video and paste this

instructions on terminal and hit enter.

Copy and paste this code:

sudo /Applications/Install OS X --volume /Volumes/osxelcapitan --applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X --nointeraction

Depending on your machine this can take 10 to 30 minutes, but wait, and do not close terminal.

Next, you are ready to install Mac OS X, go to finder enter on the bootable drive, and open to install OS X application.

If you have a backup or a clone of your Mac, Proceed and continue, if not
you can watch this video on how to make a backupl or clone on your Mac.

Now you can continue from here, or if you prefer restart for a clean install. Restart your Mac. On start up, press the Option key and select the bootable drive with the OS X.

Now, click Continue agree with terms and conditions, click to show all disks, select your bootable drive, click Install, type your credentials and it will begin to install OS X in your machine.

And this is how to install OS X El Capitan from a bootable drive and maintaining all data. Now if you need to install any OS X version on a blank drive like a brand new SSD, a clean install out of the box watch this next video.

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