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Clean IKEA Kitchen Extractor Hood

IKEA Kitchen Extractor Hood Maintenance. How to Clean Clean kitchen Exhaust Fans. To maintain your kitchen cooking hood in good shape. This video can also be useful for any kitchen exhaust fans. Learn how to remove that strange sound from your kitchen extractor, only by simply doing a deep cleaning on your cooking hood.

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IKEA Kitchen Extractor Hood – Clean kitchen Exhaust Fans

To keep your cooking hood in good shape, it is recommended to do this maintenance every two or three year’s.

  • You can easily remove and clean the grease filter in the dishwasher. Two grease filters included.
  • 2 LED bulbs included; effectively illuminates the cooking surface and provides energy savings.
  • Can be installed in two ways, either vented to the outside or in recirculation mode fitted with charcoal filter.
  • Wall mounted extractor hood with 3 different speeds.

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IKEA Kitchen Extractor Hood - Clean kitchen Exhaust Fans