History of iPhone 2007 to 2017

10 Years of iPhone. The History of iPhone 2007 to 2017 (Trailer). The original iPhone was released as 3 in 1, a mobile phone an iPod and a device to access the internet, the iPhone Introduced the touch screen as the primary method of interacting with an electronic device. iPhone X

iPhoneiPhone 3G. The 3G connection was the great novelty of iPhone 3G, but acquiring applications directly from the Apple App Store was the most important feature in this device.

iPhone 3gsiPhone 3GS. This improved version focused on battery life and the ability to shoot video for the first time. Controlling the iPhone 3GS via voice commands ended up being the beginning of a path that would result in the Siri digital assistant.

iPhone 4iPhone 4. The ‘retina’ screen is something that continues to be praised in the iPhone still these days. But making voice calls via FaceTime was the big news.

iPhone 4siPhone 4S. The first version of Siri came with the iPhone 4S, which Apple also took to offer its iCloud service, the Apple cloud storage platform.

iPhone 5iPhone 5. The design of the iPhone 5 continues even today to be the image of this line of Apple product, and it was with iPhone 5 that Apple introduced its navigation system, the Apple Maps.

iPhone 5ciPhone 5C. The colorful iPhone 5C was launched to respond to a lower segment of the market.

iPhone 5siPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S was a slightly a more ambitious device. The Touch ID sensor, more storage and memory capacity, but also the fact that it was the first iPhone with 64-bit processor.

History of iPhone 2007 to 2017

iPhone 6iPhone 6 and 6 plus has improved the design and specifications, camera and battery life, however, besides the included plastic strips for its antenna disrupted the otherwise metal exterior, and the screen resolution being lower than other devices in its class.

iPhone 6siPhone 6S introduced 3D Touch. Is a feature that with an extended touch on the screen allows access to different shortcuts.

iPhone seiPhone SE as the same 4-inch screen size and identical design of the iPhone 5S. But includes selected hardware upgrades from the larger iPhone 6S model, including its updated processor, rear camera and support for iOS 10 software features.

iPhone 7With the iPhone 7, Apple created its first waterproof Smartphone. And the iPhone 7 Plus with its dual camera, apple started to offer its customers the popular Portrait mode.

iPhone 8The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, came out with the A11 Bionic processor, a new Retina HD with True Tone display feature, and improved water resistance, both cameras are also improved with a new 12 mega pixels camera sensor and less noise. The iPhone 8 Plus has two new sensors and a new feature called Portrait Lighting.

iPhone xiPhone X. The iPhone Ten features a 5.8 inches OLED display, It also has the True Tone technology found on the iPad Pro, the Face I_D replaces the Touch ID system, and the infrared camera with a Flood illuminator that helps identify the user’s face in the dark. The iPhone Ten was launched with a tweaked version of iOS 11.

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History of iPhone 2007 to 2017

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History of iPhone 2007 to 2017