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Fix mini Drone Stuck Motor Hubsan X4

How to Fix Hubsan X4 Stuck Motor, Repair Mini Drone Motors. HUBSAN X4 H107C Stuck Motor Repair.

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Fix mini Drone Stuck Motor Hubsan X4

This is what happens after a hard impact. One of the motors seems damaged, the propeller does not rotate, which means that the engine is damaged or get stuck.

To fix your mini drone, first power it off. Unplug and remove the battery from drone body.

Next, remove the propeller of the damage rotor, and next pull out the motor itself. If you cannot pull the propeller with your fingers use supplier.

Now you’ve got three options, the first is with a long nose plier. Position the two horns on top and bottom and press slightly, repeat once or twice.

If this first step does not work, go ahead and remove the drone of the his body shield. This is primarily to better handle the motor.

Position the motor vertically on a flat surface, and tap on it lightly a couple times.

If this doesn’t work either go ahead and use this third method.

Press all-around slickly at the bottom and top, if this does not work, you may probably have to replace the motor with a new one.

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Fix mini Drone Stuck Motor Hubsan X4