Fix Greyed Out JPG Files Mac OS X

How to Fix greyed out files or folders in your Macintosh! Such JPG files, photos and so on.

To fix/repare greyed out jpg files, you need the xattr command. Xattr is part of X-code Tools.

If you ever come across with grayed out jpg’s, photos that don’t give you permission to open, view, edit, or even move them to elsewhere?

This is because they probably have an extended attribute, messing things up. And only you can see them using quick view, as those without this attribute. To fix this issue, we need xattr command, that is part of X-code Tools. To obtain these tool: go to this address, download and install X-code.

First, check the attribute is messing things up. Enter these instructions. You find these command’s in this video description. In most cases, should be this, attribute. select it, and copy it.

Now type this instruction. xattr, -d, -r, paste the, then the path of the file, and hit enter. Look closer to the file status change Now we should be able to manage the file as we want.

To modify or remove the extended of more files in a folder. Just select the full path of the desire folder, and add an asterisk.

Fix Greyed Out JPG Files Mac OS X

Fix Greyed Out JPG Files Mac OS X

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