Error Establishing Database Connection WordPress

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How to Fix Error Establishing Database Connection WordPress. This error usually happens when you try to access a WordPress website. The most common fix is to repair the wp-config file, because the username and password are not matched with the database. So the wp-config file needs to be repaired. You can do this from an FTP client, or from the hosting Application or control panel.

In this example i’am using a free hosting service, so i need the file upload details (Host server. Username, and password), then from the wp-config file, the database name, the database username and password must match with the website database. That you find from your hosting service.

You can do the same thing accessing the file manager from the hosting service control panel. Edit those fields (database name, database username and password) and then refresh your website.

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Fix Error Establishing Database Connection WordPress


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Fix Error Establishing Database Connection WordPress