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How to Encrypt Password Protect Files on MacOS

How to Encrypt Password Protect Files on MacOS. Encrypt files and folders on Mac computers. With Disk Utility Application, create a Blank Image Volume Disk in a Sparse Bundle Disk Image Format. Lock files and folders with a password Mac. Lock files and folders with password on a Macintosh computer with the help of Disk Utility App.

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How to Encrypt Password Protect Files on Mac

On Disk Utility. Go to File menu, then click on NEW, to create a new blank Disk Image. Start to give a disk image name, and save it to a directory of your choice. in my case, to the desktop. Now give a file name. for the size, i will leave the default, 100MB. You can choose a higher value if need it. But keep in mind, when you hit the create button, it will take that amount upon your disk.

Unless we choose on image format, Sparse Bundle Disk Image, it will take up 100 megabytes has you fill it up. Let’s say you put a 10 megabytes file, the file will be only 10 megabytes, and not the 100 megabytes.

On format type, you can leave the default, mac OS extended journaled. In Encryption, choose the 256 bits mode. Unless you going to encrypt really big programs, because you will not notice the difference between one or another. On partition, select Single partition, and click on the create button.

How to Encrypt Password Protect Files on Mac

Now choose a password. You can choose your own password with the password meter. Or find one from this key solution. Gives you an alternative for a strong password. It is a great tool to find a perfect password. And you will want to uncheck, remember my password on my keychain.

This because, if you loose your computer, and anybody can access your mac, can also access this file. For instance, is only advisable, to transfer user sensitive information, over an SSH, secure shell protocol network, to be downloaded, if any thing have been hack or so. Click Ok, and it will create the sparse bundle disk image, and mounts the blank volume file. Make sure is working perfectly. Eject the blank volume. And mount it again, from the disk image you just created.

And this is how, you can encrypt files and folders, on a Macintosh computer, creating a new blank disk image, In a Sparse Bundle Disk Format.
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How to Encrypt Password Protect Files on Mac