Dropbox Tips and Tricks Video Tutorial

Dropbox Tips and Tricks. Go further with Dropbox. Once you’ve mastered the basics, there’s much more you can do! One of it’s most useful features, is sharing, and you can easily send links to files, folders, and albums to others, allowing access with controls or permissions.

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Dropbox Tips and Tricks

Best prices: You can also create shared folders. Others can join when invited – the folder appears inside their Dropbox, and content they place into it, is automatically synced.

You can see how handy this would be, working on projects with people over the internet. No need to email files, just a synced folder. When you collaborate, several people may open and work on a single document.

Dropbox supports versioning. As a new version of a file is saved and synced, it keeps both. The old and new versions. And you can access or restore any version, at any time. And if someone accidentally deletes a file, that’s no problem either. Synced items that you remove from your local Dropbox folder, or manually delete from your main file list, on the Dropbox website, are not fully deleted from Dropbox’s servers.

They just disappear from your listing, and are removed from your computer’s storage. They can be restored, unless you choose to permanently delete them.

Dropbox Tips and Tricks


Share a File The main file list in your Dropbox web-account, provides a way to send a link to any file easily. Click once on a file to highlight it, and a link appears in the toolbar at the top of the file list, that performs the same action. Or simple double click on a file, and a drop down list appears, click to opened in web view, and then you can share is content.

Copy Items You can copy any item inside Dropbox, without downloading-it. Right-click on an item in the file list, and select Copy. You’re prompted to choose a destination folder, into which the item, is duplicated.

Email the Link Click Share at the top of the screen, and a window opens, where you can enter the email addresses of recipients, as well as adding an optional message.

Create new folder To share multiple files, group them into a folder first. Click on the New Folder button in the toolbar at the top, and name your folder. Then select the items in the list that you want. To select multiple items, click the first, then command-click on mac, or control-click on pc, and select any others you want. Then drag them into the new folder.

Share the Folder Select your new folder in the main file list and right- click on it. This is another way to share an item using the contextual menu. In this same menu, you can also rename, or move it to any other location, within your Dropbox account.

Dropbox Tips and Tricks

Collaborate on a folder To create a collaborative folder, right-click on it in the list and select Invite To Folder. Again, add a recipient’s details plus an optional message. You can also allow the recipient to invite others, or not if you want to keep it private. The folder appears in their’s Dropbox account.

View Versions of a File If you open and modify a file in your Dropbox folder, the updated version is synced to the cloud. If you right-click on the file on the Dropbox website, and select Previous Versions, you see all available versions from newest, to oldest. As well as who uploaded it and when it was synced.

Restore a Previous Version Go to your folder, right click on a file, and click on previous versions. From the versions list you can select any previous version and restore it by clicking Restore. Now the version shown in your main file list is the one you selected. If you look at the previous Versions list again, you see nothing has been overwritten; everything remains available.

Restore a Deleted File If you’ve deleted a synced file from your Mac or from Dropbox, it hasn’t actually gone. Click the trashcan icon at the top of the main file list to show deleted files, then right- click on a deleted file and choose Restore to undelete it, or you can choose Permanently Delete to get rid of it, for good.

Dropbox Tips and Tricks

Jargon Buster Versioning, means storing different versions of any file. If you’re working on, say, a Word document, you may make lots of changes over time. If they’re being synced, Dropbox stores each version and lets you access them all.

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Dropbox Tutorial Tips Tricks