DD-WRT Client Bridge Setup

DD-WRT Client Bridge setup. This mode is NOT for WIRED connections between two routers! It is a wireless connection between two routers only. First of all, do not even try to do client bridge with dd-wrt SP1. It won’t work. Also if you can’t get Client Bridged to work on your hardware then try Client Mode instead.

The router that you are trying to connect to is the primary router. The router you are configuring is the client bridge(CB) router. You don’t need to worry about the primary router as long as you set your CB to the SAME subnet.

What this means is, if the primary router has an IP of 192.168.A.X, you need to set the CB router to an IP of 192.168.A.Z. Most primary routers will be at So, when you are configuring your CB router, set it to

If you have any difficulty setting this up, disable all encryption on all devices, do a hard reset on the client bridge router, and start again. If it works without encryption, check your encryption passphrase and types match.

DD-WRT Client Bridge Setup

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DD-WRT Client Bridge Setup