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How to Clear Cache on Mac OS in 1-Click

Learn How to Clear Cache on MacOS in 1-Click, and automate this process by using the Automator App with an ApletScript to create an Application that enables you with 1-Click to clear the memory cache of your Mac.

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How to Clear Cache on Mac OS in 1-Click

From activity monitor, you can check the amount of memory cached files. From terminal, with 'vm_stat' command that displays virtual memory statistics. to clear the cache memory type ‘purge’ with super user privileges ‘sudo purge’. Hit enter, and verify the amount of memory cached files decreasing, such in the activity monitor as in terminal with the vm_stat command.

1-click clear memory cache. How to clear the memory cache from terminal.
Use Automator to create an application and Download the script and the icns image.

Use Script Editor to run applescript from menu bar.
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