Best New Features Android O 8.0

Best New Features Android O 8.0, Google finally has released Android O developer preview. So what to expect from the updated Android Operating System? These are the best new features of Android O.

Better battery life
Better battery life with Vitals. Thanks to Google’s Vitals initiative. You will expect improved battery life. Google’s “wise limits”, will cut excessive use of background services and location updates, so your apps won’t be able to do much damage to your battery in the background.

Notification Badges (Dots)
Android O allows users to see missed notifications without pulling down the drop-down menu from the top of your screen.

Android Performance
The Android O development, also will bring more speed and greater performance to Android devices. Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson, Android product manager, explained that the company has seen its Pixel handsets boot twice as fast.

Android O Picture-in-Picture Video
You’ll be able to take that YouTube video, or a video call, switching from app to app, as Android O will offer picture-in-picture video mode.

Auto-enable Wi-Fi
A clever new feature will automatically turn your phone’s Wi-Fi based on your location. In this way your phone can connect to your home network when you arrive.

Best New Features Android O 8.0

Pinned shortcuts and widgets
Android O takes the ability to customize your home screen with pinned shortcuts and widgets. When you Long press an app icon, you will see a distinct description about that shortcut will do in your home screen.

Fill in the Blanks with Android O
If you use a password manager, the Android O will greatly simplify your life by fill in the blanks. The new autofill feature also allows developers to create services that can directly input information in to forms.

Enhanced security with Google Play Protect
The Google Play Protect is a new service suite that is constantly checking for the latest threats and risks, which will be found and detected via machine learning.

Smart Text Selection saves you time
Smart text Selection makes it easy to pull out addresses, business names and other selections. Just select the entire amount of text by tapping on it.

New Android Icons
Love or hate, Google offers more round emojis. They are more similar to what you’ll find on iOS. Several emojis have also been modified, so you will have several options to say with more than words.

Best New Features Android O 8.0

Colorful Displays
In Android O! Icons will change while you’re using your phone. Adapting to themes and animations as you interact with them.

Better Bluetooth audio connections
Blue-tooth headphones, offers the freedom of wireless connections. Android O supports high-quality Bluetooth connections, such as Sony’s LDAC codec for hi-res audio.

Colorful Displays
Some Android smartphones offer displays capable of rendering wide-gamut color. Android O gains the native ability to show these colours, resulting in more vivid images.

More Keyboard Shortcuts
To pair a Bluetooth keyboard with an Android device is even faster. Android O features an improved version of keyboard shortcuts.

Higher Quality Sound
Not only Bluetooth connections is getting better, but also the sound quality is getting is upgrade. The new Audio technology is designed specifically for apps that require “high-performance and low-latency audio”.

Better Settings Menu
Google’s smart TV platform gets a new look. It’s rows of lines with content with specific TV shows and quick previews. Google Assistant will also be part of Apple TV, letting you search for TV shows with your voice.

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Best New Features Android O 8.0

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Best New Features Android O 8.0